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Our team building activities and exercises in the UK are based on;

   1. Conquering a challenge

   2. Achieving a quest

   3. Solving a mystery

   4. Discovering something new

BESPOKE: You can have bespoke team building activities designed to help build and bond your groupís team spirit and unity. 

Your group will also have great fun when either all together in one large group, or in smaller teams where you are in competition with each other.

The scope and themes for your team building activity is wide ranging. You can:

  •     Enjoy an existing activity package from our own formats, specially designed by us for team building exercises.

  •     Have the Team Building Activity, mystery, quest or problem-solving designed to your needs.

    Our team building activities uk will help you to experience a mystery as well as the benefit of the  'Team Building' exercise.  
    Team Bonding is not a Mystery!


       UP To Two Hours
    , any time of day

       Half Day Activity
    ; either morning or afternoon, 3 - 5 hours.

       Full Day Activity
    ;  usually 9.30/10.00 am until 4.30/5.00 pm.
       An option is to include lunch, room hire, teas / coffees
       and the event throughout the day. 
       Ask us, we can arrange it for you!


       An Overnight Exercise
    ; the event can be over either:
        a) two days, or b) the first afternoon and next morning. 
       An option is to include dinner, room hire, 
       bed & breakfast for one night -ask us!


       An Evening Activity;
    the event over dinner
       An option is to include dinner, room hire - ask us, 
                                                               we shall arrange it for you!


       A Full Weekend Activity

       An option is to include room hire & 2 nights, dinner, 
       bed & breakfast in en-suite rooms and the event throughout.




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